INGREDIENTS? Mainly sterling silver.  The yellow metal is brass.  The pinkish metal is copper.  Occasionally, there are other metals which will be noted in the description accompanying the piece.

Most of my jewelry is fabricated from a combination of sheet, wire, tubing and sometimes castings-plus all the old things I use.  All connections are either soldered, riveted or bezel set (NO GLUE).

All jump rings are soldered-this means things cost more, but the good news is your jewelry will not fall apart!  My work is unconditionally guaranteed.  If something breaks with normal use, I will repair it for free.

CLEANING? You can use a polishing cloth.  Toothpaste and an old toothbrush work well too. The scratchy part of your kitchen sponge will work on pieces with a satin finish.  If you use a liquid silver polish (like tarnex), dip quickly and then rinse well and pat dry.  Better yet, use a cotton swab and then rinse.  NOTE : If your piece contains unconventional materials like wood, tintypes, watch dials, etc. please exercise caution.  Do not submerge pieces with stuff set under watch crystals.  When in doubt Contact me!

In general, wearing the piece a lot will keep it nice and polished.  This will also make me happy!  Storing your jewelry in ziploc bags will slow tarnishing considerably.  

WHOLESALE? Yes! Contact me for more info and pricing information.  Sorry, but I do not do consignment.

Please ask permission before using any of my images or words.  Remember, all of my work is registered and protected under US copyright law.  Please be respectful.